120 Hours in India

Posted on:24th January 2016

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120 Hours in India print sale.


The following exclusive 20 x 16 inch exhibition prints are on sale at a minimum donation of £150. Contact me at cleveland@f5point6.co.uk for more details.

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120 Hours in India. R.Cleveland Aaron's visit to 2 cities in india to document one boy's quest and document the work of SmileTrain Organisation

120 Hours in India. R.Cleveland Aaron’s visit to 2 cities in india to document one boy’s quest and document the work of SmileTrain Organisation.

February 22nd – 27th

A smile is the most natural and the most powerful of all human expressions. 120 Hours in India is the title of my solo photography exhibition in association with Olympus UK, SmileTrain UK & Metro Imaging Ltd., to be held at the Arts Bermondsey Project Space, London SE1. For more details follow the link.



Dr S C Sood, his assistant and Ameya Kulkarni.


Dr Sood surrounded by hopeful parents at St. Parmanand Hospital Delhi.

SmileTrain_024SmileTrain_023 SmileTrain_001 SmileTrain_017

Kanhaija Singh, is the hospital’s field outreach officer. His many roles include providing information on Smile Train’s free cleft treatment programme to the poorer communities, facilitating their travel to and from the hospital and helping families with the paperwork.


Mamat Carrol, Vice President and Regional Manager of Smile Train South Asia, Shaloo Kulkarni with son (my protege) Ameya and Neeraj Bali, Director of Communications and Fundraising at Smile Train India.


Neeraj outlining the work they do at the hospital.

SmileTrain_007 SmileTrain_002

A young boy ushered in to pose for Ameya.


On the rounds with Dr Sood to visit the children at different stages of their treatment.


A mother shows us an image of her son before his successful treatment.


I captured this young girl waiting with her mother in the hallway using a waist-level finder. I seemed to get my best results this way.



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