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Posted on:15th July 2015

Author:f5.6 Photography

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The 17mm Project is simply an appreciation of a great perspective and, like all my projects, is part of my creative growth. I work with Micro Four Thirds Olympus Digital Systems and thus the 17mm lens gives the equivalent of roughly 35mm in full frame systems. I find this lens a perfect travel companion and is probably the most used of all my lenses. The reason being is that, it’s wide enough without resorting to distortion and it’s fixed focal length helps me to be more disciplined when composing.

The following stories have all been told through the 17mm lens and normally represent theĀ first thoughts on my location.


17mm in Basel – Where is everybody?

On a recent trip to Basel I took to the streets on the first night with a good friend to give him a few tips on how to get the best from his camera in adverse conditions (it was dark and raining). It was also a chance for me to test my new camera’s ability in low light conditions. I was a little surprised by the lack of passers by and decided to make this my theme for this collection of images.



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