Posted on:12th July 2015

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…a space through which light passes

A collection of images where the aperture (not to be confused with the aperture of the lens) is the subject of my curiosity. Sometimes I’m looking through to what the space is showing me and other times I’m just wondering how or why the space was created.



This was one of the locations for a portrait shoot of Jazz singer, Rosemary Phillips, in her native Barbados. The view of the sea, palm trees and sky was almost like a framed pictured that hung on the wall.



I met photographer Filipe Branquinho in Maputo, Mozambique and he was kind enough to take me around the city and show me a number of art deco styled buildings. I saw a fair few designed and built by Pancho Guedes but this one kind of… caught my eye.



This was the closing shot to our family vacation to visit my dad in Toronto (the shot that almost made me miss the flight). I was lost in thought somewhere between, wanting to stay and not wanting to go home, until I saw this.



Hmmm, a hole in a wall?




As kids we always loved exploring derelict houses. Things haven’t changed that much, still have the urge but at least I can now say it’s because of my interest in architecture! This one offers a view of the road that was taking me from Toronto to Niagra Falls.




Nothing like the Great British seaside, they often give you the impression of time standing still. As I stood still here in Bexhill-on-sea, looking around this functional but yet still interesting shelter, young architects were readying their applications for the RIBA design competition (Next Wave Shelters & Kiosk Competition).


Next stop… Graz Hauptbahnhof. Part of a short project titled ‘Rail stories’. Shot a few years back over Christmas in Vienna. The project is a collection of images on train journeys. This image was one of a series taken during a trip from Vienna to Graz on my way back to London.

Room_0099 Silenced0104

Two Rooms. In one I found the other and, a model who just happened to be getting changed for a shoot somewhere else in the building. I love disused buildings and found this one after I’d been speaking at the Free Range Show 2015 sponsored by BJP.


It’s amazing the things you’ll find when simply throwing a banana skin in the trash. Brick Lane, East London 2015.


I noticed this whilst on a lunch break at One Moorgate Place, London. I’d been shooting some interiors for lighting specialists PF Events Ltd in this beautiful Grade II listed building.


Following my son on one of our many mini adventures. You’d be excused for thinking I’ve grown out of coming home from the park with dirty knees!


Porto di Genova – 2015. Shot on the last day of our family break. One of my favourite cities, Genova. I’m particularly fond of the Old City (La Città Vecchia).


Aperture… need I say more?


Fulcrum (1987) by Richard Serra. I’ve always liked this installation at London’s Broadgate Centre. 5 sheets of Cor-Ten steel lean together 55 feet tall. It’s a great place to capture a slice of life!


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