Vitra Design Museum

Client:Personal Project

Date:01 June, 2015

The Vitra Design was founded in 1989 by the company Vitra and its owner Rolf Fehlbaum and designed and built by the Canadian architect Frank Gehry. It ranks among one of the most important museums of design worldwide. The museum building is an architectural attraction in its own right and was Gehry’s first building in Europe. Although Gehry used his trademark sculptural deconstructivist style for the museum building, he did not opt for his usual mix of materials but limited himself to white plaster and a titanium zinc alloy. For the first time, he allowed curved forms to break up his more usual angular shapes. The sloping white forms appear to echo the Notre Dame du Haut chapel by Le Corbusier in Ronchamp, France, not far from Weil. Architecture critic Paul Heyer described the general impression on the visitor as: “... a continuous changing swirl of white forms on the exterior, each seemingly without apparent relationship to the other, with its interiors a dynamically powerful interplay, in turn directly expressive of the exterior convolutions. As a totality it resolves itself into an entwined coherent display...”