Scenes From The Sidewalk – Part one

Posted on:11th February 2016

Author:f5.6 Photography

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Toronto – January to February 2016

Last week I was in Toronto, Canada visiting my father and his wife. It was the first time I’d travelled with only one camera and decided it was going to be the new Olympus PEN F. I knew there wasn’t going to be much time spent taking photos but I know myself… I’m addicted to preserving memories through photography. I’m not known for my post-production skills so instead elect to work with in camera filters, my favourite being the grain control in the Monochrome feature.

So here is part one of four to my street photography chronicles.


When the building of my fathers apartment caught (or was set) on fire all the residents were evacuated to a Howard Johnson hotel. So this is me looking out at her looking in.


Shot in Parkdale, a culturally and socially diverse neighbourhood in Toronto, this woman was very precise when asking me for $10.78.


Aaahhh, now this feels more like home. This is house was only a couple down from where I was staying with one of my cousins. Unfortunately the lady who lived here had died recently and her son was clearing it out and getting it ready to be sold.


All you need is love. No doubt some of the items from the previous image will end up here. Queen Street West, home to antiques and the unwanted.


I think I probably notice this because of the colour coordination… or maybe because Denver Broncos had just won Super Bowl 50.


Heartbreak Hotel at Queen & Palmerston Av. I wonder just how many hearts were broken or indeed mended here. And was this the venue for the Carolina Panthers after party?


Just another day on Jameson Av, I spotted this woman standing between the lions with her own mane and looking proud.


This is Sean. Quite often when someone hears me speak they remark on my accent and not long after begin to tell me about a relative or two who’s also from England. Sean has a brother in-law living in North Wales… but that’s close right?


I wasn’t actually planning of having human representation in this frame but these two made me think otherwise. I’ve got a least 10 captions for this image but what would yours be?


This is the ‘Litter Guy’, boldly cleaning up what others step around or over.  He’s a one man outfit and spends his days and nights cleaning the sidewalks of Toronto for free!


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