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It’s a matter of light and depth.

I was born in Hackney, London to Guyanese parents and grew up with a healthy curiosity about how light affects the things around me.

As a photographer my inspiration is and will always be the effect light has on the things around me and this fuels my passion for taking pictures. Unfortunately this is also one of the main reasons I've struggled with the concept of specialising.

My fascination with people was the reason I picked up a camera as a curious boy, so portrait work was inevitable and this is where my professional career began. Today, although I still shoot portraits, I lean more towards architecture, Interior and advertising. The latter suits me fine as it gives me the freedom to work across many genres. It's about communicating with imagery and this offers a challenge I can never resist.

I have been associated with OLYMPUS Digital UK since November 1999 and during this time have exhibited work with a host of celebrated photographers that included David Bailey, Patrick Lichfield, Mary McCartney Donald and John Swannell.

With a philosophy based on light, shapes and space I’m constantly working on personal projects as a means of creative growth.

I take inspiration from many things in life but topping the list is my partner and son whose patience and love I could never do without.

R.Cleveland Aaron

Cleveland is also qualified tutor offering bespoke photography classes and workshops at www.righteyedominant.org


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